Located in Buford, GA, Defensive Specialties, LLC offers:

  NRA Firearms training courses to law-abiding US citizens conducted by NRA Training Counselors &

  NRA Certified Instructors in the skills and attitudes needed to safely handle, fire, and maintain firearms as

  well as the safe and proper reloading of rifle, pistol, and shotgun ammunition. 

  Whether you take your class with Defensive Specialties, LLC or your local range, make sure that your

  instructor is an NRA Training Counselor and/or Certified Instructor.

Notice from the NRA:  NRA cannot provide any assistance in training foreign persons due to conflicting 
information from the U.S. Government regarding regulations pertinent to foreign persons and arms training.  NRA cannot process any requests for assistance in training foreign persons.  In view of the above, we regret to inform you that NRA cannot renew NRA firearm trainer credentials for any foreign national. 

Non-NRA approved classes & services:

State of Georgia Security Officer Armed & Unarmed Training                  

      Private tactical training for pistol, rifle, and shotgun

      Homesteading and Disaster Preparation

      Gunsmithing and Cleaning services

  Family, Group, and Multi-class Discounts are available.  Gift certificates are available.  Please contact us

  for more information.




  John "Mike" Bain is the owner of Defensive Specialties, LLC.  He is an NRA Training Counselor and a State-

  Licensed Instructor for Georgia's Armed and Unarmed Security Officers and Private Investigators. 

  Mike is a Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO) and an NRA Certified Instructor & Training Counselor for Pistol, 

  Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Defensive Pistol,         Metallic and Shotgun Shell Reloading, & Muzzleloading.

  He is a Regional Counselor for the NRA's Refuse to be a Victim® Program and is also certified as an NRA Law

  Enforcement Instructor for Pistol and Shotgun.  (More LE certifications will be coming.)

  Mike holds NRA Distinguished Expert ratings in both pistol and rifle.

  His background includes 14 years in law enforcement and the military to include being an Alabama State Trooper,

  a Mississippi State Harbor Police Shift Supervisor, and a US Army Military Policeman.  While in the US Army, he

  also served with the 63rd Chemical Company as an Assistant Squad Leader.  While with the 63rd, he was trained

  in Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Operations.

  Mike is a Operation Desert Storm veteran.  Other military duties included Senior Patrol Officer, SWAT Team

  Member, Training NCO, Unit Armorer, Unit Medic, and Marksmanship Instructor.

  He has been reloading his own ammunition since the 1980's and casts his own bullets as well.  He has been a

  concealed carry permit holder since 1976.

  Mike is involved in shooting activities at Cherokee Gun Club in Gainesville, GA.  He led the Ladies League there

  for three years. 


  Like Mike, Marie Bain started shooting when she was four years old.  She was shooting competitively by the time

  she was 14.

  Her high school years were focused on the DeKalb County, GA 4-H Rifle Team and spending time at Fort

  Benning, GA with the Marksmanship Unit Indoor & Outdoor Rifle Teams under the tutelage of 3-time Olympian

  Col. Lones Wigger and US Army Marksmanship Training Unit Coach MSGT (Retired) William "Bill" Krilling.  Her         first year of college was paid for with a rifle scholarship to Georgia Military College in Milledgeville, GA.

  Marie is a Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO) and an NRA Certified Instructor & Training Counselor for

  Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Defensive         Pistol, Metallic and Shotgun Shell Reloading, and Muzzleloading.  She is also an Instructor for the Refuse to be         a Victim® program. 

  She is a Certified Square Foot Gardening Instructor and teaches many of the Emergency Prep/Homesteading


  Mike & Marie are the gunsmiths and firearms volunteers for the GA Dept of Nat'l Resources Charlie Elliott

  Wildlife Center office and are very involved with the Becoming An Outdoors-Woman & Family Day at the Range



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