Defensive Specialties, LLC

Gunsmithing & Cleaning Services include:

  Thorough cleaning of all makes and models of Pistols, Rifles, & Shotguns

  Rust Removal - Both surface and light pitting

  Metal Refinishing - Services include:

            Bead-blasting                                 Full Hot-Dip Parkerizing        
            Cold Touch-up Blueing                   Aluminum blackening

  Wood stock repair and refinishing - Dents reduced or removed.  Sanded to 2000 grit.  

  Stained & poly finish or hand-rubbed oil finish.

  Scope Mounting - Rings lapped & aligned.  Crosshairs leveled & bore sighted.

  AR-15 Modifications and Upgrades- From changing parts to adding new widgets.

  Barrel & Receiver Change-outs - Barrel shot out?  Receiver cracked? 
           We can fix that!

  Recoil Pad Installation

  Finding Parts for old firearms

Other gunsmithing services are available on a case-by-case basis. 

  Please contact us for information.

Gunsmithing & Gun Cleaning Services